PDF’s Available On This Site

Bring The War Home (2016 Exhibition Catalog) (PDF)

Landscapes of Absence (2016 Project Poster) (PDF)

Landscapes of Absence (22″x30″ Descriptive Print Series) (PDF)

The Colors I Cannot Explain (2015 Exhibition Poster) (PDF)

A Call To Halt (2013 Project Poster) (PDF)

These Visions – Texts (2012) (PDF) – About These Visions.

Gerald Holtom Poster (PDF) Posted July 2015

Free Texts (PDF) by Stephanie Syjuco. Posted January 2014.

To Share – Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles PDF (Compressed 4.3 MB)
To Share – Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles PDF (Uncompressed 76.6 MB) Posted May 2013.

Pool December 2011
(PDF) The December 2011 issue includes essays by Brandon Bauer, Jennifer Chan, Sofia Leiby, & Whitecu.be

To Open […] To Collect […] To Expand […] To Continue: Richard Serra’s Verb List, Post-Internet Appropriation, and the Culture of the Use of Forms
(PDF) An essay examining the tension between the culture of use signaled by the internet and the culture of ownership embedded in the clearance culture of restrictive copyright through a comparison with and reinterpretation of Richard Serra’s 1967-1968 verb list. Published in Pool (December 2011).

Posters in Support of Wisconsin Workers: Posters from Justseeds – Union Thug image by Jesus Barraza, Rat Eating Badger image by Nicolas Lampert, Recall image by Nicolas Lampert, Occupied For Labor image by Colin Matthes, Union Made image by Colin Matthes, & the Random Culture images- Bully Walker image by Brandon Bauer, & Wisconsin Fist image by Brandon Bauer

This Is What You Were Born For (PDF)- a PDF of the twelve graphic maps created for the exhibition “This Is What You Were Born For” mapping Afghan history.

2002 Statement (PDF)- a Lost and Found document uploaded and published on this site.

The Future of the Image (FATE Review) (PDF)- a review of Jacques Rancière’s The Future of the Image published in the FATE (Foundations in Art: Theory & Education) Journal (March 2009)

Beer Barons and Brewery Workers (PDF)- to download a PDF of the artist statement for the “Beer Barons and Brewery Workers” Installation at the Historic Blatz Building in Downtown Milwaukee. (May 2008)

Reproduce & Revolt Excerpts (PDF)- from the book Reproduce & Revolt published by Soft Skull Press (Josh MacPhee & Favianna Rodriguez eds. April 2008)

Digital Collages (PDF)- Posted Digital Collages (February 2007)

Artist Documentation (PDF)- from the “Calling Forth Certain Experiences” exhibition at the Frederick Layton Gallery (Milwaukee, WI November 2006)

Monograph (PDF)- from the “Contemporary Works On Paper” exhibition at the Barrow & Juarez Gallery (Milwaukee, WI September 2006)

Make Art Not War review (PDF)- from Wonka Vision magazine (Issue #25, Summer 2004)


RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #1: Crunch Crisis (PDF) Summer 2009

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #2: What We Do Is Secret (PDF) Fall 2009

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #3: Government Data (PDF) Winter 2010

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #4: Chicagoland (PDF) Spring 2010

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #5: Jogging Dump Remix Mash (PDF) Summer 2010

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #6: Sorry Sessions (PDF) Fall 2010

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #7: Internet Icon (PDF) Winter 2011

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #8: Flowers (PDF) Spring 2011

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #9: Endless Summer (PDF) Summer 2011

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #10: Extended Dance Remix
(PDF) Fall 2011

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #11: OMG OWS (PDF) Winter 2012

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #12: Think Spring (PDF) Spring 2012

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #13: Rockets Redglare (PDF) Summer 2012

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #14: Debate Frame Fragments (PDF) Fall 2012

Random Culture PDF Zine

Random Culture- Volume 1, Issue 1: Paper Cuts (PDF) Spring 2009

Random Culture- Volume 1, Issue 2: Exit Perspective (PDF) Spring 2009

Random Culture- Volume 2, Issue 1: Panda Bear Slightly Altered (PDF) Fall 2010


BATHAS/RCP PDF 001 (PDF) Summer 2009


On The Web

Museums focus on regional works, Wisconsin artists in fall season
(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online / Art City, October 2013)

Indiana Green 2012: Fresh Artsy Fruitcake!
(Cricket Toes, April 2012)

Merwin and Wakeley Gallery Exhibits
(Illinois Wesleyan University, February 2012)

OWS Animated GIF (Justseeds, October 2011)

RCP.ML2K.PDF – ISSUE 10 EXTENDED DANCE REMIX (Michael Manning, September 2011)

RCP-ML2K-PDFzine in Print & Exhibition (Gridworks, May 2011)

Arte de la revuelta en Wisconsin (Contraindicaciones, March 2011)

The Art of the Wisconsin Uprising
(Groundswell: A Journal of Art & Activism, March 2011)

Wisconsin Downloadable Graphics Page
(Justseeds, March 2011)

Milwaukee 14 Today (Nonviolent Cow, October 2010)

OOOOO GHOOST $HOW (nAbr gallery, October 2010)

Printmaking as Resistance? (The Brooklyn Rail, May 2010)

Featured Student: December 2009 (University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, December 2009)

Exercise Your Brains with Experimental Film/Video
(Cricket Toes, October 2009)

Artist: Video Art Screening Series (In Tandem Theatre Company, October 2009)

Zine Issue 1 (Gridworks, June 2009)

BATHAS INTERNATIONALE (Justseeds, April 2009)

UW-Milwaukee Grad Student Feature: Brandon Bauer (Implicit Art, January 2009)

Cramer-Krasselt Breaks the PR Mold for Gallery Night (Cricket Toes, January 2009)

Brandon Bauer Exhibition Photos (Justseeds, December 2008)

Beer Baron / Breweries Animated GIFs (Implicit Art, December 2008)

Beer Barons & Brewery Workers (Gridworks, December 2008)

Justseeds Prison Portfolio Project (Justseeds, October 2008)

Project Identity: A Mighty Fine Ending
(Project Identity, September 2008)

Over There (Justseeds, October 2007)

Mentee Colin Matthes’ Show at Brooks Barrow Gallery (Critical Juncture, October 2007)

Sneak Peek of Daniel McGowan Art Auction (NYC Independent Media Center, July 2006)

Peace Signs Book Release Party – Woodland Pattern (September 2004)

MASS MOCA SHOW> SPRING 2004 (Counterproductive Industries, Spring 2004)

The Art of Making Protest Art (World Socialist Web Site, July 2003)

Anti-War Poster Exhibition in India (The Digital Museum, June 2003)


Free Anti-War Activist Graphics (Anti-War.US)

Implicit Art
(Art Connect)
Beatnik Soup (Beatnik Soup)
Cut and Paint (Cut and Paint)

PSOA Alumni Profile (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)