Posters in Support of Wisconsin Workers

Justseeds has been putting out some great downloadable copyright free images about Wisconsin Labor Protests. I have made a few myself and have included them here. Feel free to use these images for posters, signs, flyers, patches, etc…

Here are some links to the Justseeds work- all of the downloadable graphics produced so far can be found in these blogposts:

February 28th- Posters in Support of Wisconsin Workers : Downloadable Graphics
March 2nd- Closed For Democracy
March 5th- Be prepared for the General Strike if and when it is called
March 6th- General Strike!
March 6th- Make Them Pay

Otherwise keep an eye on their blog for more graphics and information as the situation in Wisconsin develops.

Download Rat Eating Badger image by Nicolas Lampert
Download Union Made image by Colin Matthes
Download Recall image by Nicolas Lampert
Download Occupied For Labor image by Colin Matthes
Download Union Thug image by Jesus Barraza

Here are a couple of my images:

Download Bully Walker image
Download Wisconsin Fist image


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