Democracy Exhibition at the Overture Center for the Arts!

The Democracy Exhibition is on display through Sunday, June 4 in the Playhouse Gallery at the Overture Center for the Arts!

President Abraham Lincoln described democracy in his Gettysburg Address as a form of “…government of the people, by the people, for the people…” An ideal democratic system would listen to and serve all its people equally. Today, democracies around the world are being challenged, but what exactly does it mean to be in a democratic system? And who are “the people”? This exhibit provides an opportunity for artists to explore some of these questions along with their interpretations of the current state of democracy. 

Democracy Exhibition Artists: Brandon Bauer • Jamie Bradbury • Eugenia Sherman Brown • Clare Charnley • Marisa Contreras Marulanda • Danielle and John Crim • Robert Derr • Nurettin Erkan • Thomas Ferrella • Kathy Fitchuk • Sarah French • Madison Golden • Tyler Grimes • Karin Hanson • Glen Jenkins • Lewis Koch • Carol Kramer • Pat Kroth • Cynthia W. Lewis • Holly Meyers • Mona Mohagheghi • DarRen Morris • Leslee Nelson • Beth Racette • Tony Riel • Rotate Theatre Company • Ryan Serrano • Lael Sheber • Levi Sherman • Solar Punk Futures • Steve Swagerle • Laurie Talbot Hall • Sophia Voelker • Mike Watson • Karen Watson • Newlin • Mark Weller • Jing Zhou • 350 Wisconsin Art Collective

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