Art & Society Lectures at SNC

As a part of my ART 205: Art, Technology, & Society course at St. Norbert College, I will be hosting a lecture series supported by the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice, and Public Understanding.

The schedule is as follows:

Sky Hopinka – Thursday, March 9th at Noon

Sky Hopinka is a Native American visual artist, filmmaker, and member of the Ho-Chunk Nation who has developed new forms of cinema from the perspectives of Indigenous people. He is a MacArthur Fellow for his work offering new strategies of representation for expressing Indigenous worldviews. His work Kunįkága Remembers Red Banks, Kunįkága Remembers the Welcome Song will be on display in the Media Space Gallery from February 13 – March 31.

Jill Magid – Thursday, April 20th at Noon

Jill Magid explores emotional, philosophical, and legal tensions between individuals and institutions. She created the work Tender evoking the connection between the human body and the body politic through the circulation of 120,000 newly minted 2020 edge-engraved pennies as a nearly invisible public artwork.

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