Art in a Democratic Society Lecture Series

As a part of my ART 285: Art in a Democratic Society course at St. Norbert College, I am hosting a lecture series that was supported by the Faculty Mini-Grant Program through the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice, and Public Understanding.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, September 8th – Center for Creative Citizenship – The Maryland Institute College of Art’s Center for Creative Citizenship integrates civic learning and action, as well as democratic engagement, by engaging art and design students in projects relating to civic engagement, voter education, and get out the vote efforts, as well as supporting the development of partnerships, programs, and initiatives that advance the interests of Baltimore’s communities and neighborhoods.

Tuesday, September 29th – Amanda Lovelee – Amanda Lovelee is a visual artist based in Minnesota. Lovelee has focused on civic engagement through a variety of projects. She worked as a “City Artist” through the Public Art St. Paul program developing projects that made city planning more accessible to city residents. 

Tuesday, November 10th – Girl Child Art Foundation – The Girl Child Art Foundation is an organization based in Lagos Nigeria that focuses on advocacy, empowerment, and civic engagement of girls through the arts. 

Tuesday, November 17th – Laurie Jo Reynolds – Laurie Jo Reynolds is an artist, policy advocate, and researcher who developed the concept of “Legislative Art”, an art practice that seeks to intervene in government systems with the goal of concrete political change.

Thank you to Neale Tracy for the poster!

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