I am excited that my video Anthropogenic Horizon has been selected to screen at this year’s HOT STEAM III: A Science / Video / Art Festival. My work will be screened in an episode titled Traces along with work by Brit Bunkley, Hiorya Sakurai, Zhongkai Li, David Montgomery, and Maria Ferriera. The HOT STEAM festival will run differently this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the past the work was presented in a screening at the MIT Museum, this year they have created five 25-minute video art episodes that will premiere both online and on Cambridge Community Television each Tuesday throughout the month of September. In addition all five episodes will screen at Starlight Square in Cambridge, Massachuestts on September 29 @ 7pm.

HOT STEAM III is curated by Keaton Fox (Boston Cyberarts Gallery + Cambridge Community Television), Caroline Castro (Frost Science Museum), and Isabella Achenbach (Cranbrook Art Museum).

For more information visit:

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