50-year celebration of the Milwaukee 14!


There will be a 50-year celebration for the Milwaukee 14 this September 21st – 24th in Milwaukee.

As they state on their website:

Why We Gather 50 Years Later

In 1968 the nation experienced a year of resistance and nonviolent direct action for civil rights and against the war in Vietnam. In Milwaukee, besides the burning of 1A draft records by the Milwaukee 14, open housing marches led to a fair housing ordinance and protests at Marquette University against “institutional racism” resulted in changes at the University. Also, ministry to those in need thrived at places like the Casa Maria Catholic Worker community. Fifty years later, we are engaged in some of the same struggles, and we are in need of this same moral courage. This celebration will remember the past but focus on how we can bring the spirit of 1968 and nonviolent direct action to today’s national crises.

There will be panel discussions, films, music, and more. Check out the events and find out how this vital history remains relevant today.

Link: Milwaukee 14 50-Year Celebration Weekend Schedule

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