Interface/Landscape – FLEFF 2016 New Media Exhibition

Seascape (Libya)_web

My project Landscapes of Absence has been included in Interface/Landscape, the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival’s (FLEFF) 2016 new media exhibition at Ithaca College.

As the curators state in their introduction to the exhibition:

Collectively, the twelve projects in the INTERFACE/LANDSCAPE prompt us to think about elastic, multidirectional relationships between interface and landscape. These projects counter romanticized notions of the landscape as a passive entity or resource. They critique naive notions of the interface as an invisible, seamless connector. The projects in this exhibition establish a relationship between interface and landscape that suggest mutual shaping and implication. INTERFACE/LANDSCAPE poses questions about the impact of our current imagination about landscapes, machines, and ourselves. It opens up unresolved social and political issues in urgent need of re-imagining.

Click here to read the Curator’s Introduction to the exhibition.

Projects Included in the Exhibition:

Lahore Landing by Jeremy Ho
Aerial Mapping of Vila Autodromo by Pablo de Soto
Bulletin by Craig Baldwin
Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency by Derek Curry and Jennifer Gradecki
Digital Landscapes from a War by Azahara Cerezo
Drone Snow-Globe by Chiara Passa
Kompl by Babak Fakhamzadeh and Ian Barry
Landscapes of Absence by Brandon Bauer
L’Gau (The Wandering Island) by Michelle Angelica “Mica” Cabildo
Maps to the In-Between by Katya Yakubov
Ometepe by Ricardo Miranda Zungia
Report a Problem by Emilio Vavarella
Tracing You by Ben Grosser
Topophilia by Peter Bo Rappmund

For more information about the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival click here.

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