Glitch is live!


The g͠lͮi̔t᷾c̝h̳ exhibition curated by Peripheral Forms is now live! The exhibition features a great roster of international artists. My work Fallen Landscape has been included in the show!

Here is the curatorial statement about the exhibition:

When we see a digital image, we are truly seeing a simulacrum, a collection of pixels formatted to trick the eye/brain of the observer into forming an impression of the real. it is only through the malfunction of this system, the glitch, that the true material reality of the image can be revealed. the embrace of the mistake or failure represents a powerful gesture in a culture obsessed on maintaining the image of success (even if this image is built on the reality of deep precarity). in fact, the aesthetics of glitch, as a striving towards the real of the digital, in many ways parallels the romantic turn towards nature in response to a new enlightenment of techno-utopic accelerationism (often obliquely referred to by digital art’s obsession with water and fluidity).

The work in g͠lͮi̔t᷾c̝h̳ invites the viewer to explore these ideas through the machinic gaze of the cyborg. a gaze that is able to see multiplicities of perspectives superimposed on top of each other, distinct and intermeshed simultaneously. a gaze that sees outside of time and linearity into a world of simultaneity and speed. a gaze that does not seek to build complete coherence out of raw visual information. the gaze that privileges ambiguity and fluidity. a gaze that is aware that even the distortions are distortions.

Artists Included:

Aaron Oldenburg :::: Alex Hovet :::: Anneli Goeller :::: Beau Torres :::: Brandon Bauer :::: Carlos Rene Pachero :::: Caspar Below :::: Russell Chartier :::: Paul Botelho :::: Claire Burelli :::: Donna Kuhn :::: Turing Torso :::: ESSTRO9 :::: Eduardo Markoszay :::: Eric Souther :::: Filipe Afonso :::: G1FT3D :::: Gabriel Junqueria :::: Hannah Edward :::: JM Rolland :::: Jody Zellen :::: Joe Hedges :::: Justin Lincoln :::: Matthew Gualco :::: Mighty Kongbot :::: Muriel Montini :::: Nicholas James Lockyer :::: Öskour Dusêrvo :::: Peter Whittenberger :::: Rachelle Beaudoin :::: Rebcca Uliasz :::: Samantha Harvey :::: Samantha Winfrey :::: San Ferlinghetti :::: Sevgi Tan :::: Tara Youngborg :::: Ulrich Klose

Link: Glitch opening at Portland Community Media photoset on Flickr

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