Protest and Survive Mixtape!


I contributed a punk mix relating to the nuclear abolition movement in the 1980s to the Interference Archive ‘If A Song Could Be Freedom’ mixtape series. The mixtape series has been released online concurrent with the exhibition ‘If a song could be freedom…Organized Sounds of Resistance‘on view from June 25 – September 6, 2015.

The mix can be found on Interference Archive’s Blog, and through the Internet Archive.

Here is the playlist:

Protest And Survive!
A 1980s Punk Rock Nuclear Abolition Movement Mix by Brandon Bauer

“Living With The Bomb” – The Brigade (United States)
“Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles” – Discharge (England)
“Limited Nuclear War” – Toxic Reasons (United States)
“Whose Bomb” – Chaotic Youth (Scotland)
“Ashes To Ashes” – Neon Christ (United States)
“Bombenterror” – Marplotz (Germany)
“I Hope You Get Drafted” – Dicks (United States)
“Hiroshima” – Dirt (England)
“Nagasaki Nightmare” – Crass (England)
“Fun Wars” – Dead Katss (England)
“Tapioca Sunrise” – Flux of Pink Indians (England)
“World War III” – Powerage (South Africa)
“Nuclear Armed Hogs” – G.I.S.M. (Japan)
“Kinky Sex (Makes The World Go Around)” – Dead Kennedys (United States)
“Drop The A-Bomb On Me” – O.D.F.X. (United States)
“Annihilation” – Crucifix (United States)
“Paranoid Chant” – Minutemen (United States)
“Live Fast Die Young” – Circle Jerks (United States)
“Rival Leaders” – The Exploited (Scotland)
“Arms Race” – B.G.K. (Netherlands)
“Their Decisions” – The System (England)
“Missile Destroyed Civilization” – MDC (United States)
“Doomsday Machine” – Stalag 17 (Ireland)
“When The Bomb Drops” – Subhumans (England)
“Protest And Survive” – The Varukers (England)
“Last Rockers” – Vice Squad (England)

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