Free Texts!

FREE TEXT- The Open Source Reading Room by Stephanie Syjuco-WEB-PMLydon_PML0312

My essay To Open […] To Collect […] To Expand […] To Continue: Richard Serra’s Verb List, Post-Internet Appropriation, and the Culture of the Use of Forms was cited, included within, and available for download in the installation “Free Texts” by San Francisco based artist Stephanie Syjuco. Syjuco’s installation functions as a physical archive, public reading room, and printing site for texts dealing with the issues of digital copyright, open source culture, alternatives to capitalism, and the state of the intellectual commons in the 21st Century. The project was Commissioned for the ZERO1 Art and Technology Biennial in San Jose, CA. from September 12 – December 5, 2012, and has since been exhibited in Paris, France, Karlsruhe, Germany, Hasselt, Belgium, among over venues.

See the whole list of texts here: Free Texts (PDF)

FREE TEXT- The Open Source Reading Room by Stephanie Syjuco-WEB-PMLydon_PML0328


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