Virtual Verbs


I just found out my Post-Internet Verb List (after Serra) has been one of the inspirations for a new project by the London based artist Molly RichardsVirtual Verbs. As stated on the website for the project:

“Influenced by Richard Serra’s 1972 Verb List (over 100 processes that could be done to, or with a given material) and Brandon Bauer’s re-appropriated list (2010) I’ve compiled a set of verbs that have been re-appropriated, gained new meaning or have been invented since the birth and evolution of the internet reflective of my generation.

Looking at the internet as a subject as well as a medium, how do these newly appropriated verbs sculpt the internet? In commissioning a selection of international artists to respond to this verb list, invites them to react artistically to the internet in a physical way with a physical outcome placing the same value on virtual verbs and ‘real’ verbs as a creative methods.”

Keep watching the site as new works are added in response the the list! It looks like a great project.

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