Works In Progress – Works in the Exhibition


Meek Inherit Earth (1996)
Acrylic, enamel, pastel, charcoal, spray paint, and graphite on paper

Abolish Alienation (2000)
Acrylic, enamel, ink, graphite, and paper collage on newspaper mounted on screen

Fallujah (2004)
Contact C-print on photo paper

Works from the “image/text” series (2006)
Mixed media and collage on paper

Works from the “Post-War American” series (2007)
Mixed media, monotype, graphite, and paper collage on paper

Works from “The Times” series (2008-2011)
Mixed media, monotype, acrylic, enamel, watercolor, ink, and graphite on paper

US Aid (2011)
Ink and graphite on paper

Words Are Not Enough (2008/2012)
Wood Frames, newspaper, magazine, paper collage, ink and acrylic on tracing paper, vinyl photographs, digital frame, digital photographs, animated GIF transferred to video (loop), video (loop), DVD players, tripod, mini-projector, alligator clips, binder clips, push pins, nails, and flag on wall

Still Life #1 (2012)
Duratrans lightbox

Presidential Address (2012)
Photographic images on vinyl, aluminum grommets

Free Files (2012)
Various files, flash drive, USB cable


Transmission: Hectic Mix (1999)
Sound collage (loop) Total Running Time: 14:30 Listen


A Day Under The City (1999)
Analog video transferred to DVD with music by Franz Buchholtz (loop)
Total Running Time: 50:22 DVD Available Through Lowave

Endless Productivity (2006)
Powerpoint presentation transferred to video (loop)
Total Running Time: 7:08 View

short/cuts (2006)
A Selection of short video and animation works (loop)
Total Running Time: 15:24 View

Fractured Landscapes (2007)
Video and sound (loop)
Total Running Time: 2:54 View

The Spin Zone (2007)
Video and sound (loop)
Total Running Time: 4:32 View

State of the Union (2008)
Video, animation, and sound (loop)
Total Running Time: 2:57 View

On the Second Day (2009)
Video and sound (loop)
Total Running Time: 01:10:16


Random Culture Zine (2009)
Printed copies of Random Culture Issue #1 & #2 PDF webzine

RCP.ML2K.PDF Zine Issues #1 – 12 (2009-2012)
Printed copies of RCP.ML2K.PDF webzine / A collaboration with A. Bill Miller Link

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Works In Progress Exhibition Images and Detail Views

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