Two Events In April

I will be included in two upcoming events in April- Indiana Green at Effjay Projekts from April 19th through May 19th, and the Bush Art Center 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition that runs from April 25th through May 8th.

Artists included in the Indiana Green Exhibition: Pamela Anderson, Brandon Bauer, Daniel Fleming, Jenie Gao, Frank Juarez, A C Klein, Dale Knaak, Tiffany Knopow, Mary Overman, Melissa Dorn Richards, Sara Risley, Rafael Francisco Salas, Jessica Z Schafer, Becky Tesch, Christopher Willey, William Zuback, and a special project by Steve White.

Artists Included in the Bush Art Center 10 Year Exhibition: Brandon Bauer, William Bohné, Shan Bryan-Hanson, John Gordon, James Neilson, and Brian Pirman

Hope to see you there!

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