International Justseeds Events

The House of Love and Dissent [translated]
Posted by Josh MacPhee on the Just Seeds Blog

Favianna, Dara and I are in Rome, preparing for our show at the House of Love and Dissent on Thursday. We’re hanging prints, People’s History posters, and images from Reproduce & Revolt. It’s going to be fun! Here is the poster for the show. Thanks to Erik Ruin for the hands (from the Realizing the Impossible cover).

Here is an Interview with Josh MacPhee about the show in Italian or translated.

More Just Seeds in Japan

Kei and Ill Commonz have been spreading the Justseeds goods around Tokyo. In November and December they had a couple more events, a report back from their trip to NYC, and an Anti-War and Resistance Fest. Here are a bunch of photos of the events, including CPH posters, Reproduce & Revolt images being silkscreened, video showings, etc…


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