SPRAWL @ the Borg Ward Collective

SPRAWL: Project Description

We live in a conglomeration of superimposed information networks. Our physical world is being devoured and woven into the fabric of our digital environments. We are adapting to this situation as much as we are adapting it to fit our own needs. We believe in using, re-using, and mis-using every bit and byte with what is left of our finger tips. SPRAWL exhibits interpretations of how an information-rich world becomes an inseparable part of creative practice.

SPRAWL is a gray area between what is left and what is to come.

Artists Include:
Ric Stultz
Annushka Gisella Peck
Gina Rymarcsuk
Brandon Bauer
BATHAS Internationale
Paul Fuchs & JIBANGUS
A. Bill Miller
Lane Hall & Lisa Moline
Andy Ducett
Nicolas Lampert
Nathaniel Stern
Trent Hergenrader

{Sprawl art exhibition}{Curated by A. Bill Miller}
[ @ Borg Ward Collective ][ Nov. 7 – Nov. 23 ]
[ Opening Nov. 7, 6-10pm w/ Bands ]
[ Gallery Talk by Master-List2000, 7:30pm ]

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