Cut and Paint #2

Cut and Paint #2 is now out! This issue is packed with more great ready to paint stencil templates and also includes Street Stencil Photos from Buenos Aires and Barcelona, Mirco-stencils by bor*d, Eco-stencils, a stencil how-to, and much more!

The Zine can be picked-up through Just Seeds.

Here is the description of #2 from the Just Seeds website:

Expanding on the scope of the first issue, this edition has a number of writings including an essay by Emily Abendroth on a stencil project in Oakland and a short how-to-guide on moss stencils! Cut and Paint # 2 also features a number of photo spreads about stencil activity and Nicolas Lampert’s book review of Schlabone Berlin.

click here for my Emma Goldman Stencil
click here for my R.I.P. Tookie Stencil


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