An Incomplete History

A Short and Incomplete History of Experimental Film and Video will be screened at the Experiments In Cinema Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico This April!

Here are the Specifics on the Experiments in Cinema V 3.0 Festival:

Festival dates:

Thursday April 17 8-9pm 516 Arts “Cut Up Or Shut Up”
Friday April 18 6-9:30pm Southwest Film Center
Saturday April 19 6-9:30pm Southwest Film Center
Sunday April 20 noon-3:30pm Guild Cinema

Thursday April 17, 8-9pm: “Cut Up Or Shut Up” an evening of collage films is presented in conjunction with the exhibit Alchemy: Collage & Assemblage, at 516 Arts as part of Experiments in Cinema V3.0.

For the full listing of film times and programs visit the Basement Films website.

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