Propaganda III in San Francisco

(Text excepted from Visual Resistance)

The exhibition PROPAGANDA III is set to open on July 4th at the Start Soma Gallery in San Francisco. The show will feature contemporary political posters by more than 300 artists from across the globe.

Following its San Francisco debut the exhibition will travel to a number of national and international cities through 2008 including Austin, Bologna, Boston, Brisbane, Chicago, Copenhagen, Denver, Detroit, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Milwaukee, New York, New Orleans, Paris, Philadelphia, Portland, Prague, Rome, Singapore, Sydney, Tehran, Washington, and Zurich, for a series of one-day art shows at like-minded galleries and installation spaces. After the tour has ended, all original artwork will be donated to the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) in Los Angeles.

Art Adventures: Propaganda on the 4th video from

For further details visit:

For a geotagged map of the poster submissions visit:

For and online gallery of posters grouped by country visit:

Visit here for the main Flickr Gallery of submissions:

UPDATE: (Text excepted from Visual Resistance)

Click Here for a link to reviews about the San Francisco opening.

Click Here for a video about the opening.

Click Here for Flickr photos of the opening.

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