Paradise Remixed

(all text taken from the Visual Resistance post)

Paradise Remixed- a neighborhood wide art event opened this weekend in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee. Ten different arts spaces and local businesses in the neighborhood are showing work and participating in the event. Collectively there are over 50 artists participating using a wide range of media and approaches- from installation and video, to book arts, painting and drawing, and recycled or detourned work.

As stated by the organizers:

“Paradise Remixed” asks local artists and curators to reinterpret popular visions of paradise. Visions of paradise have always found bizarre & beautiful representations in our everyday pop culture objects and experiences. Reworking mass-produced objects, recycled materials, & popular conceptions, artists will present us with everything from sanguine utopias to portentous dystopias. “Paradise Remixed” weaves together a diversity of artists, curators, and art spaces in the Riverwest neighborhood, which, on some bright days can feel like our own little earthly paradise.

From MKE-Online:

The idea for the show came from Mark Lawson, gallery director at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. When a tenant left him 20 pieces of mass-produced art, Lawson didn’t have the heart to throw them away. “I thought the show would be a good use for them,” he said.

Adding the neighborhood to the mix was born out of a conversation with Polina Malikin. “We have some of the most cutting-edge art in the whole city . . . but we never do anything together. . . . our main goal was that everyone acquainted with each other would get to work together.”

Participating spaces include:
Cream City Collectives, Neighbors Gallery, Hot Cakes Gallery, Green Gallery, Riverwest Film & Video, Feed Shop, Vision Eye Center, Woodland Pattern, Art Bar, and the Riverwest Food Co-op

Participating Artists include:
Archaeology of the recent Future Association, Sam Augustine, Brandon Bauer, Anne Bisone, Jeff Bogartte, Noah Brehmer, Jessie Brown, Ray Chi, Santiago Cucullu, Mary DiBiasio, Matt Fink, John Gatti, Peggy Haubert, Steve Hough, Oluwabukola Harrison Idowu, Juliet Jaeger, Darryl Jensen, Jeremiah Ketner, Paul Kjelland, Laura Klein, Caroline Knueppel, Sue Kriofsky, Nicolas Lampert, Mark Lawson, Xav Leplae, Kathryn Martin, Chris Miller, Darota Biczel Nelson, Keith Nelson, Josie Osborne, Annuska Peck, Melissa Dorn Richards, Michael Roberts, Naomi Shersty, Jeana Sohn, The Sparkle Dancers, and Merle Wind

“Business Day” by Brandon Bauer

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