Festival des Cinemas de Paris 12/10/06

The Resistance(s) program to be held during the Festival des Cinema Differents in Paris was inspired by a DVD of the same name presenting films and videos by artists from North Africa and the Middle East. The Resistance(s) DVD was published by Lowave in April 2006.

The Resistance(s) program at the Festival des Cinema Differents also includes films by American artists who are also resisting through their art.

Work Included in the Program:

Transit- Taysir Batniji (Palestine) 2004
Dieu Me Pardonne- Mounir Fatmi (Morocco/France) 2001-2004
Untitled part 3b: (as if) beauty never ends- Jayce Salloum (Lebanon/Canada) 2003
Allah Akbar- Usama Alshaibi (Iraq/USA) 2003
1991 Next Hundred Years- Abu Ali (Spain) 1991-2004
W- Michael Betancourt (USA) 2005
Short/Cuts- Brandon Bauer (USA) 2006

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