Counter Recruitment Guide at P.S. 122

The Friends of William Blake cartographic guide to military recruitment stations in the five boroughs that I recently contributed artwork to will be included in an exhibition titled “MAPQUEST” at P.S. 122 organized by Artwurl.

The Friends of William Blake –

The New Yorkers’ Guide to Military Recruitment in the 5 Boroughs, 2006
Artwork in order of appearance: Elise Gardella (p2, 40), Leah Hayes (p15), Luisa Kazanas (p16), Swoon (p18), Jillian Tamaki (p24), Brandon Bauer (p28), Colin Matthes (p39), Julia Shirar (p42), Martha Rosler (p44), Christa Donner (p47, 48), Paul Chan (p55).


For More Info on the exhibition visit:

Artwurl Project 36.
News Grist
New York Times Review

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