Cut & Paint: free stencil designs

(re-posted from the Visual Resistance site)

Josh MacPhee’s excellent stencil template zine Cut & Paint has finally gone digital, thanks to John Emerson of Social Design Notes. Click over to and you’ll find over 40 different free stencil templates with great imagery and radical politics.

Contributors include many of the unsung heroes of street art. Often working anonymously and undocumented, eople like Roger Peet, Shaun Slifer, Erok A., Colin Matthes, Erik Ruin, Andalusia, Ally Reeves, Claude Moller, Etta Cetera, Brandon Bauer, and the rest are creating some of the best work out there and reinventing the tropes and techniques of radical art.

Check it all out here. Download the templates, print, cut, and spray. Borrow images and alter them for your needs, location, and message. Thanks to Josh and John for making this great work available.


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