No RNC Poster Project

The No RNC Poster Project started when a small group of friends with experience in graphic design and independent media came together with the goal of collecting and distributing posters against this summer’s Republican National Convention in New York City.

They have printed two sets of posters, for over 50,000 in all, and two sets of stickers. These posters and stickers will cover the city this summer. They’ll be on the streets, in storefronts and apartment windows, on picket signs, everywhere! Throughout the summer, they will be working in other mediums as well to get these messages and visions out there.

In the meantime, check out the online gallery, download your favorite designs and put them up yourself. Please consider making a donation to help them cover printing costs, and you are encouraged to contact them if you’re interested in designing, getting involved with the collective, receiving updates about the project, giving financial support, distributing posters, buying prints or pins, helping screenprint, or just saying hello.

NYC says NO RNC!

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