Fear Will Not Silence Us

Not in Our Name ‘Anti-militarist’ Art Show – Fear will Not Silence Us!

Saturday June 26th- Oakland, CA
The French Fry Factory, 278 4th St.
The Not In Our Name Anti-Militarist Art Show

Contributing artists, illustrators, and photographers:
Christine Wong Shepard Fairey • John Yates • Winston Smith • Josh Macphee •Clamor MagazineFaesthetic MagazineAWOL Magazine bloodforoil.com • Ninette Lewis • Brandon Bauer • Faile • Clinton Fein • Sarah Gottesdiener • upso • Nicole Schulman • Emily Ryan • kozyNdan • Cody Hudson • Ray Noland • Wren • John Hoppin • Cristy Road • bsmyth • Manny Silva • Joanne Lioce • Frankie Woodruff • Kerith Pickett • DW Lech • Colin Matthes • The Beehive Collective • Jeff Paterson • Ren Dodge • Georgia Griffin • Frankie Woodruff • Kristin Velahan • Angela Woodall • Andrew Kong KnightRyan Saari • Tamara Diaz
Fashion: Del Geronimo • Hillary • Micaela • Carrie • Terrie Samundra
Live! Bloodsickle, The Boy Explodes, DJ Swifty, DJ Alvero, DJ Jim Crude

For photos of the opening click here.

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