The God Bless Graffiti Coalition will be included in MASS MOCA’s exhibition The Interventionists: Art in the Social Sphere

A list of confirmed participants:

Abe Lincoln Jr. (NYC), Aerosolarts (La Jolla, CA), ANT (Vienna, Austria), APE7 (Sydney), Jason Archer & Paul Beck (Austin, TX), Arrrgh! (Hannover, Germany), Bask (Detroit), Brandon Bauer (Milwaukee), BOB215 (NJ), Bongout (France), Buffmonster (LA), Alex Costa (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Dr. Blade (Atlanta), Dub Syndicate (Houston), Shepard Fairey (LA), Jerome G (Paris), Give Em Hell (NJ), Lord Hao (Paris), HECZ (Chicago), Height Lab (LA), Hubert One (Brooklyn), INK 76 (NYC), Jet-Pac (York, UK), JS04 (Chicago), Kempt (Boston), Klutch (Portland, OR), Nicolas Lampert (Milwaukee), Charlene Lau (Toronto), MAD One (Tempe, AZ), Magic Propaganda Mill (NYC), MAKE (LA), Markron103 (Phillipines), Minigraff (Sydney, Australia), Claude Moller (SF), Roger Peet (Tucson, AZ), POCH (France), Leon Rainbow (NJ), RB827 (Brooklyn), REVISE CMW (Chicago), Erik Ruin (Detroit), Schhh (Barcelona), Scout (Albany, NY), Sevenist (Chicago), Shiro (LA), Skumskullz (Germany), Olever Stak (Paris), Sunkist (Netherlands), Super-Mega (Japan), Swoon (Brooklyn), Beth Tub (IL), TXMX (Hamburg), Nick Walker (UK), W/REMOTE (Minneapolis)

A catalog of the show is available through MIT press.

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