All The Days After

All The Days After: Critical Voices In Poetry and Artwork

All the Days After is an anthology of poetry and artwork that offers a survey of events and experiences since September 11th. Featuring more than 50 works of poetry from around the world and over 25 pieces of original artwork, All the Days After is much more than a series of reflections on the attacks themselves. Crammed to the binding with graphics and poetry, All the Days After offers a creative distillation of experiences and personal reflections on terrorism, war, economics, surveillance, harassment of dissidents and people of color, and other topics brought into our lives by the events of the last few years. Though contributors vary in style and perspective, the authors are united in their refusal to remain silent and their challenge to those who advance war and repression as a solution to our problems.

All The Days After is published by the Upside Down Culture Collective in Detroit, Michigan.

Let’s Go USA by Brandon Bauer

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