A Day Under The City

Signaldrift: a day under the city

A Day Under the City is a collaboration between the electronic musician Franz Buchholtz (Signaldrift) and myself. Originally completed in 1999 and released in a limited edition VHS version, this work was conceived as a hypnotic portrait of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The video also weaves in larger themes of urbanism, growth and degeneration, as well as the hidden memory of place. With spliced, degenerated videotape and found footage accompanied by a pulsing rhythm, the work creates a hypnotic portrait of a midwestern city on the eve of the millennium.

The DVD was released by the French independent video label LOWAVE, and was launched at Project 101 in Paris.

DVD contents: A Day Under the City. Extras: Moon, Static, 60 Minutes, Multizone (Zone 0), Son CD, (48khz, 16 bit non-compressed. Sterep NTSC.

Signaldrift CD’s and LP’s are released through Wobblyhead and the Outward Music Company (OMCO).

Independent Exposure Filmmaker info here.
Review from the French Website Wreck This Mess.
Wreck This Mess (translated).

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