Video Art


Selected works


Acceleration color/sound 02:17

Anthropogenic Horizon color/sound 03:13

Anthropogenic Landscape – Operation Dominic (Christmas Island, 1962) / Ilulissat Glacier Calving Event (Western Greenland, 2008) 2-Channel Video Installation: Top Channel: 03:06 color/sound (Looped) / Bottom Channel: 03:06 color/sound (Looped)


Trinity 3-Channel Video – Left Channel: 14:34 color/sound (Looped) / Center Channel: 02:30 color/sound (Looped) / Right Channel: 02:18 color/sound (Looped) (2019)


Bring The War Home (Nixon Pop Mix) color/sound 01:14:06 >View


Cut: [The Sea Is All That Remains] color/sound 05:33 >View


AN602: Tsar Bomba color/sound 03:21 >View
Triptych For The 1980s Three-Channel Video: 00:59 color/sound (Looped)
The Colors I Cannot Explain Two-Channel Video Installation: 04:21 color/sound (Looped)


On This Date (April 25, 2002) color/sound 08:35 >View
These Visions Two-Channel Video Installation: Left Channel: 05:51 color/silent (Looped) / Right Channel: 13:30 color/sound (Looped) >View


On The Second Day color/sound 01:10:16 >View
Remediation Composite #1 color/sound 02:33 >View


Influences color/sound 05:46 >View
State Of The Union color/sound 02:57 >View
Structural Video b&w/sound 11:10 >View
Menomonee Valley Portrait color/sound 36:06
Beer Barons & Brewery Workers b&w/silent, variable duration / installation (in collaboration with A. Bill Miller)
Election Night 2008 color/sound 39:10 >View


Hungry Ghosts (in collaboration with Peter J. Woods) color/sound 21:04 >View
Psychoplasm (in collaboration with Peter J. Woods) color/sound 21:28 >View
Noise Collages color/sound 03:21 >View
Fractured Landscapes color/sound 02:55 >View
The Spin Zone color/sound 04:32 >View
B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary) color/sound 02:09
The Corsica Tango color/sound 02:49:33 (a co-production of BATHAS, Maximumplus, and Random Cultural Productions) >View Excerpt


8mm Memory color/sound 04:07 >View
Cellphone Messages color/sound 05:56 >View
Endless Productivity color/sound 07:08 >View
On The Lam With White Wolf Avalanche color/sound 07:11 >View

A Short and Incomplete History of Experimental Film and Video color/sound 00:44 >View
Bike Ride Along The Lake To The Art Museum In 30 Seconds color/sound 00:45 >View
Bunny color/sound 00:48 >View
Dire, so some say… color/sound 00:40 >View
Fire color/sound 00:43 >View
Fish color/sound 00:42 >View
Flicker color/sound 00:42 >View
Freedom color/sound 00:45 >View
Iraq color/sound 00:44 >View
Justice For Jude color/sound 00:49 >View
Lake Trash color/sound 00:46 >View
Leaves color/sound 00:41 >View
Lost b&w/sound 00:46 >View
Mad Beeps color/sound 00:41 >View
Major General Reality color/sound 00:41 >View
Message From Theo color/sound 00:44 >View
Mods and Rockers color/sound 00:42 >View
Recap color/sound 00:46 >View
Solar Drums color/sound 00:46 >View
Soup Cans color/sound 00:45 >View
Trumpets for the Millennium color/sound 00:47 >View
Vigilance color/sound 00:43 >View
War at Home color/sound 00:42 >View
Youth International Party color and b&w/sound 00:48 >View


Zen For Music Video b&w/silent 03:24 >View
Fallen Landscape color/sound 06:31 >View

Video for People Again DVD (unpublished)
P/Agitvideo color/sound 25:55
Deadmen On Holiday color/sound 01:52 >View
Fear Of Without monochrome/sound 02:24 >View
Modern Jacket color/sound 02:49 >View
P/A Live color/sound 11:46


Static color/sound 06:15 >View
Moon color/sound 02:50 (music by Franz Buchholtz) >View
A Day Under The City (in collaboration with Franz Buchholtz) color/sound 50:22 >View


Disconnect (in four parts) color/sound 17:06  >View