These Visions


These Visions is a two-channel video and sound installation. The piece is a meditation on mediated images and the implied narratives they create. A slideshow of rotating images drawn from television news is contrasted with the real-time movement of clouds and a selection of rotating text, which asks the viewer to consider the images in new ways.  Dialog on the soundtrack is from the 1973 film “The Society of the Spectacle” by Guy Debord.  The texts and dialog in this work are composed as a critical framework for understanding the constructed nature of mediated images and the underlying pattern they put forward of our present culture, as well as offering a glimmer of hope and resistance to the inevitability they often present of these conditions.


Two-Channel Video Installation (2012)
Left Channel: 05:51 color/silent (Looped)  /  Right Channel: 13:30  color/sound (Looped)

Link: These Visions – Texts (PDF)