BATHAS Internationale


Bathas Internationale is an art collective platform founded in 2007.  The project explores anonymity in cultural production, collective authorship, and identity, as well as the creative misuse of previously authored production.  Various BATHAS projects included the production of a public access television show, video art, installation art, interventionist art in the public sphere, sound art, and performance art projects.

BATHAS TV regularly aired on MATA Community Media Channel 96, in Milwaukee, WI from 2007-2011. Each episode was co-produced by Brandon Bauer and Theo Von Briesen.

BATHAS TV Co-Conspirators Include:
The Steve Allen Liberation Army, Anti-Artists Anonymous, Arve, Avenging Destro, The Babies, Nano Bangbang, Ms. Brandi Jo, Challenger Crew, The Flying Clementes, ‘One Eye’ Jack Clements, Ol’ Double B, Duck Aam Mallard, Dulabomber, Dynamic Lifters, E=MC Hammer, Emcee MC, Ertrok, Mikey Fritz, FTAM, Gridworks, Hass, Merle Killgoregore, Design, Orlando Loon, The Man’s Inhumanity To Man One Man Band, The Sons Of The Sons Of Lee Marvin, Mary O, Maximumplus, Mr. Maximus, Mr. Mike, MC Scribby Scribes, MXPLS FAM, People Again, Pat Riot, Poets Of The Now, Random Cultural Productions, Ron 1977, The Seiser Family, LTD., Smokin’ Joe, Bob Somnambulist, James Spider, Ricky Tornado, Used Without Permission Productions, Videographers Without Borders, Weirsch, White Wolf Avalanche, and Whitty Remarks


Aired on MATA Community Media Channel 96, Each Episode: color/sound 30:00


Episode #1 De’collage Pièce de Rèsistance #1 (Summer 2007)
Episode #2 De’collage Pièce de Rèsistance #2 (Summer 2007)
Episode #3 Noise TV (Fall 2007)
Episode #4 Damage Control (Fall 2007)
Episode #5 BATHAS First Four Flashback (Winter 2007)

Episode #6 When The Sun Goes Down (Winter 2008)
Episode #7 The Whole Kit And Kaboodle (Spring 2008)
Episode #8 Tango In Unreal Time (Spring 2008)
Episode #9 Channel Control Correction (Summer 2008)
Episode #10 In Case You Missed Any Of These (Summer 2008)
Episode #11 Everybody Cheered (Summer 2008)
Episode #12 The Weary Cranksters Psychaderelict Experience (Summer 2008)
Episode #13 Dumpsterhouse Summer Vacation (Fall 2008)
Episode #14 Static Age (Fall 2008)
Episode #15 Remembrance Day (Fall 2008)
Episode #16 Touching Down (Winter 2008)

Episode #17 BATHAS Cultural Explosion (Winter 2009)
Episode #18 Btv Saves (Winter 2009)
Episode #19 The Third Day (Spring 2009)
Episode #20 PLAY ALL (Spring 2009)
Episode #21 Halfway Home (Spring 2009)
Episode #22 Hurry Up and Die (Spring 2009)
Episode #23 Smash It Up (Summer 2009)
Episode #24 Feature Presentation (Summer 2009)
Episode #25 Last Four (Summer 2009)
Episode #26 The Monkey Show (Fall 2009)
Episode #27 Sign System (Fall 2009)
Episode #28 Fashion Cat Hell Yes (Winter 2009)

Episode #29 Points East (Winter 2010)
Episode #30 4 x -400 (Winter 2010)

Episode Bus Stop
Episode Endgame Strategy (for Vince Lombardi)
Episode Masters Of The Universe


Link: BATHAS TV (On Vimeo)
Link: BATHAS Blog