The collection short/cuts presents twenty individual pieces each under one minute in length that explore various approaches to the video medium from experiments in video collage, digital rotoscoping, analog and digital mash-ups, abstraction and image processing, as well as small slices of life. These pieces drawn from an extended series of work created in 2006 represent a video equivalent to drawing- an immediate, engaged, and instinctual practice within the video medium. The works from the extended series have been screened and exhibited in a number of different formats, combinations, and venues. Individual pieces and specific groupings of work from the extended series have been screened in Cinema Differents, in Paris, France, at the European Media Arts Festival in Osnabrueck, Germany, at the Ad Hoc Arts Space in Brooklyn, NY, and at the Frederick Layton Gallery in Milwaukee, WI among other venues.

Work included in this selection of short/cuts:

A Short And Incomplete History of experimental Film and Video (00:44), Leaves (00:41), Fire (00:43), Mad Beeps (00:41), Bike Ride Along The Lake To The Art Museum In 30 Seconds (00:45), Justice for Jude (00:49), Fish (00:42), Iraq (00:44), Lost (00:46), Major General Reality (00:41), Message From Theo (00:44), Lake Trash (00:46), Dire, so some say… (00:40), Solar Drums (00:46), Mods and Rockers (00:42), Bunny (00:48), War At Home (00:42), Trumpets for the Millennium (00:47), Vigilance (00:43), Recap (00:46)