I’ve Zine The Dark­ness

Two issues of RCP.ML2K.PDF will be included in the exhibition I’ve Zine the Dark­ness at the Dieschön­estadt Gal­lery in Halle Germany June 2011.

Issues Included:

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #5: Jogging Dump Remix Mash (PDF) Summer 2010

RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue #7: Internet Icon (PDF) Winter 2011

I’ve Zine The Darkness is an exhibition about the artzine phenomenon, its aesthetic and political dimensions and the practice of self-publishing used by artists to spread their work. The exhibition will take place at the Dieschön­estadt Gal­lery in Halle, Germany. Various lectures are planned to accompany the exhibition. The exhibition is a project of Artzines.de.

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